7 men at the golf course

The Highlanders (aka Mickey Finns Lunch Group)

Every Thursday for many years now, a number of men who live at The Highlands go out for lunch at Mickey Finns in Victor.   Anywhere from 10 to 25 or more men will go to the “meeting”, as they call it, each Thursday.  The same server waits on the group every week.  She knows their drink and soup preferences by heart… something that seems to warm the hearts of the diners.

There’s even a “Chief” who presides over the meeting.  His job is to announce birthdays and call on those who’ve come with a joke to share.  The current Chief got the job based on “longevity, not acclaim” as Dick, whom we meet in the most recent Highlands at Pittsford television commercial, was quick to point out!

In a Brighton Pittsford Post article written about The Highlanders a few years ago, Melody Burri observed:

“The group … can only be described as a gold mine of wit, wisdom, experience, accomplishment, and the gentle kind of humor that comes only with living a long and full life.”

In the warmer months, many of the men golf prior to the lunch meeting.

One of the regulars made light of the ritual they enjoy so much when he said, “I only go for the popcorn…. don’t tell anybody!”

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