Neighbors Reunited

When Riley, a Resident Care Aide Team Leader here at The Highlands, joined our team, she didn’t know she would get the opportunity to reunite with her childhood neighbor, Mary.

When they were neighbors, young Riley would help Mary around her house and the two of them very much enjoyed each others’ company.

These pictures and the cross-generational friendship of Riley and Mary make our hearts smile.

We hope you’re Enjoying Life today!

Neighbors Riley and Mary reunite at The Highlands at Pittsford
Neighbors Riley and Mary reunite at The Highlands at Pittsford

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Assisted Living Families Reunite

This month, Residents of Laurelwood Assisted Living welcomed visitors to their homes for the first time in a year. Family members are now able to visit their loved ones in the comfort of their apartments.

Janet Sanewsky and her daughter shared how it feels to be spending more time together again with WHAM news.

“We’ve enjoyed each other’s company,” Janet said. “We always have, but we certainly appreciate it far more now.”

“A normal hug, is, it’s like a million dollars to me,” she added.

The staff welcomed visitors with this sign and some treats to celebrate the occasion.

And many residents lifted glasses of orange juice!

For more information on visitation, call The Highlands at 585.586.7600.

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