Neighbors Reunited

When Riley, a Resident Care Aide Team Leader here at The Highlands, joined our team, she didn’t know she would get the opportunity to reunite with her childhood neighbor, Mary.

When they were neighbors, young Riley would help Mary around her house and the two of them very much enjoyed each others’ company.

These pictures and the cross-generational friendship of Riley and Mary make our hearts smile.

We hope you’re Enjoying Life today!

Neighbors Riley and Mary reunite at The Highlands at Pittsford
Neighbors Riley and Mary reunite at The Highlands at Pittsford
Group Selfie at the Highlands

Hi, it’s Joan …

This has been the lead-in to many of our recent TV commercials.

Joan and the others in our commercials are not actors.  They are Highlands residents.  Much of what Joan says are her words – no scripts needed.  She is witty, fun, intelligent, and real.

This year, we used the Facebook Live video format to tell about a morning with Joan and her friends.

Check out our commercial …. oh, and don’t forget to “Enjoy Life!”


Welcome Aboard Sign

Set a Course for Adventure!

The Love Boat recently set sail for an afternoon “cruise” through The Highlands at Pittsford’s Independent Living Apartments.  A number of apartments became Ports of Call for the event which was attended by more than 200 residents and guests.

Travelers had their passports stamped at each port as they toured the apartments and enjoyed international cuisine, wines, and music from New York, London, Paris, Spain, and Italy!

The Highlands at Pittsford’s Executive Director, Lloyd Theiss, was at the helm of the ship for the afternoon as the affable Captain Stubing.  Cruise Director, Julie McCoy, was none other than The Highlands Director of Sales and Marketing, Ann Julien.

Highlands at Pittsford staff members as the crew of The Love Boat
The Love Boat Crew

Man standing next to his car

Connecting at The Highlands


The Highlands Print Ad "Connect"

Don is the most recent resident featured in The Highlands “Seven Dimensions of Wellness” campaign.  He and his wife are residents of The Cottages.  They raised their family on a quiet cul-de-sac off Knickerbocker Road and are now enjoying the close proximity of their many neighbors and new friends in The Cottages.  They’re also loving the drive to town “from this side of Mitchell Road” – something anyone who has lived on the other side of the one-lane bridge understands well!

CONNECT  |  The Social Dimension of Wellness – “the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world. Our ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers contributes to our Social Wellness.”

7 men at the golf course

The Highlanders (aka Mickey Finns Lunch Group)

Every Thursday for many years now, a number of men who live at The Highlands go out for lunch at Mickey Finns in Victor.   Anywhere from 10 to 25 or more men will go to the “meeting”, as they call it, each Thursday.  The same server waits on the group every week.  She knows their drink and soup preferences by heart… something that seems to warm the hearts of the diners.

There’s even a “Chief” who presides over the meeting.  His job is to announce birthdays and call on those who’ve come with a joke to share.  The current Chief got the job based on “longevity, not acclaim” as Dick, whom we meet in the most recent Highlands at Pittsford television commercial, was quick to point out!

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