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A Campaign for The Ageless

Talent, humor, and good-natured fun are ageless. We’ve been reminded of this joyous fact over the last few years while creating our current advertising campaign!

Here at The Highlands, we like to take a concept called “The Seven Dimensions of Wellness” and do it to the max.  

You’ll see it in the:

⇒ fine dining

⇒ truly fascinating U of R lectures

⇒ fun friends have

⇒ state-of-the-art Wellness Center with pool, whirlpool, underwater treadmill, and gym 

⇒ scenic campus with nature trails

⇒ tree-lined streets

⇒ classic Pittsford village architecture

and so much more!

These wonderful things about The Highlands are surpassed only by the impressive character and delightful personalities of the people who make this community their home.

Since our residents do life so well…. what better way to tell others about The Highlands than to have our community members share their personal experiences?

Here is our newest television commercial.  It begins with Joan (a local celebrity since the first three commercials began running).  She points out that it’s not all about the ladies and her at The Highlands.  We then meet some of the men in the community, including a group of ‘alleged’ golfers who go to lunch at Mickey Finn’s every Thursday – rain, (snow,) or shine!


Learn more about The Highlands at Pittsford, an affiliate of the University of Rochester.  Also, learn more about The Highlands lifestyle of Wellness based on The Seven Dimensions of Wellness.

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