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Cheers to Wellness!

As we enter the new year, let’s look at simple ways of achieving greater overall wellness one dimension at a time. **
LEARN | Intellectual Wellness

Cognitive wellness is easily nurtured today with games that are readily available on computers and tablets. Taking a class or joining a book club are also great options for stimulating the mind and fostering intellectual wellbeing.

FITNESS | Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is comprised of two components:  Exercise and Nutrition.

Exercise – Physical fitness doesn’t have to entail strenuous activity. T’ai Chi is a wonderful, low impact activity that keeps the body moving (gently) and the energy flowing.  Look for a class near you as it is becoming more popular all the time. Also, simply breathing deeply to oxygenate the body, whether you’re out in the fresh air or inside, does the body good!

Nutrition – Eat fresh foods and avoid processed meals as much as possible. Raw vegetables – We often don’t think of vegetables as a meal or a substantial component of one.  They are easy to prepare and just what our bodies want to stay healthy and strong.

CONNECT | Social Wellness

Skype is a great way to connect with family and friends who are not nearby.  It’s free and easy to use.  If you haven’t used it yet, you will be glad you did in 2014!

NATURE | Environmental Wellness

Can you spend at least 10 more minutes outside each day in the new year? If not, open a window for a few minutes and let in the fresh air and the sounds – perhaps the sound of silence in the winter.  The benefits we get from being in nature are immeasurable.

HAPPINESS | Emotional Wellness

What do you love to do? Hopefully, you’re doing that every day or close to it.  Being happy does a lot for our overall health and wellness.

PURPOSE | Occupational Wellness

Sharing those gifts and talents with others is a win-win.  Do you have a nice singing voice?  Can you fix just about anything? Will you consider sharing your skills and talents with others, if you’re not already doing so? You and those you serve will be glad you did.

PEACE | Spiritual Wellness

Meditation is one way to bring a sense of peace and serenity into your life.  Guided meditations can easily be found on YouTube and other free sites.  If meditation isn’t for you, quieting the mind once or twice a day brings greater peace into your life.  Close your eyes, focus your attention on the sound of your breath going in and out.  Try to keep your mind free of thoughts about the past or the future.  Picture a beautiful place, if you’d like, and imagine that you are there.

Learn more about the Seven Dimensions of Wellness at The Highlands

** At The Highlands at Pittsford, the Seven Dimensions of Wellness are at the foundation of everything we do.  The Seven Dimensions of Wellness is a philosophy endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging that recognizes that wellness extends beyond exercise and healthy eating.  The Seven Dimensions are: Social, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Environmental, and Spiritual.

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