Exercise in the swimming pool

Wonderful Water

One of the many beautiful features of the new Wellness Center at The Highlands at Pittsford is the aquatic area. It includes a pool, an underwater treadmill for water walking, and a whirlpool.

Residents enjoy water aerobics classes, water walking, and open swim throughout each week led by Robin Gallagher, Wellness Coach.

“Water provides mild resistance that increases muscle strength and improves flexibility. The movement of the water over the skin is similar to a mild massage that soothes the muscles and joints.” **

” ‘It’s clear that aqua aerobics or water-based activities provide significant benefits for older adults, including increasing metabolism,’ says Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, PhD, head of the department of kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In addition to increasing metabolism, Chodzko-Zajko says physical activity in general improves cardiovascular health, increases strength, slows down age-related loss of muscle mass, and the decrease of reaction time that comes with getting older.

There are psychological and social benefits as well. People feel better about themselves (and) are more engaged in community activities…” ***

In addition to relaxation, a whirlpool can provide the added benefit of relief to those with arthritis or other joint and bone issues

The underwater treadmill offers the buoyancy of the water for support and minimal impact on joints.  The mild resistance that the water provides helps improve muscle strength.

** The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Seniors, by Wendy S. Melton, January 21, 2012

*** Water Exercise for Seniors,  WebMD.com

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