Enjoy Life

More than a Motto

“Enjoy Life” has been our motto at The Highlands for 10 years now!  We love finding new ways to provide an environment and amenities that allow our community members to enjoy life to the fullest.

Recently, we started a campaign on the campus to recognize staff members for their creative use of the word ‘Enjoy’. Residents and staff nominate staff members who use the word ‘Enjoy’ in a way that made an impact or made them smile.

Examples of things you see and hear around the campus are:

-> The chef writes “Enjoy!” on the top of the to-go boxes,

-> Servers say “Enjoy your meal” or “Enjoy your evening”,

-> “Enjoy life at The Highlands … how can I help you?” is how we answer the phone.

The foundation of all that we do is The Seven Dimensions of Wellness. This is an approach to life which recognizes there are many aspects that contribute to a person’s overall wellness.  We summarize these aspects as follows:


So, “Enjoy Life” is much more than a tagline. It is our mission for all!

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