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Upon arrival at Meadowbrook, participants can expect to be greeted with a warm smile. Participants will be offered a beverage of choice and a light snack. There is opportunity to chat and visit with staff and peers before starting with our Headline News Program.

Immediately following a group exercise program is held. A new service we offer is our mini gym; this is done one on one with an exercise program that is specifically tailored to each individual for strengthening and maintenance. Our morning and afternoon activities vary on a daily basis.

We offer a large array of activities that are both physical and cognitive in nature. We seek input from our participants as to the types of activities we offer and do our best to accommodate their interests.

Also important is maintaining connections to the community through regular outings. Our chaplain runs an inspirational fellowship weekly and is available for spiritual support.

Afternoon snack and chat allows time for smaller group activities which may include bowling or golf on our Wii, card games, or crossword puzzles.


Meet your host

Sandra Sodaro
(585) 641-6235