Memory Care Neighborhood

Our approach to memory care for our residents with dementia is rooted in deep respect. We see challenges in a more creative way and understand our residents’ desire to reconnect with their former interests and environments – especially home, family, and work. We believe that validating these wishes is the best method for providing high-quality, compassionate care.

The look and feel in our Dementia Unit was carefully and purposefully designed. Lounges and community areas are meant to be re-envisioned as a neighborhood of familiar spaces that provide real-world experiences and conjure warm feelings for everyone.

The Nursery provides a home space to satisfy the desire to nurture and love. We have lifelike, animated stuffed animals – dogs and cats – to cuddle and hug. Our porch lounge, with four season panels that change with the time of year, provides an outdoor ambiance.


We believe in our residents’ memories and aspire to provide them programming that brings them a sense of pleasure, peace, and purpose. We train our Hand-In-Hand staff with a unique approach to connecting with residents. In a calm and serene environment, our residents are able to return to past interests such as painting, sorting, flower arranging, and community service.

Music and Memory

Our Certified Music and Memory Program allows residents to enjoy a personalized playlist of music to tap into deep memories. MP3 players bring the music to life for our residents while allowing them to remain mobile and helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain to improve quality of life.

Meet Your Living Center Host

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Amanda Keyser, RN BSN
Admissions Manager
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