Nurse Manager

The Nurse Manager (aka Memory Care Leader, Advanced Clinical Care Leader, or Senior Care Leader) operates within the scope of practice for a Registered Nurse as defined in the Nurse Practice Act. The manager is responsible for the nursing unit on a 24 hour basis in leadership collaboration with social work, recreation therapy and medical services. The manager ensures compliance with all federal and state regulations. The manager directly supervises all day nursing staff and delegates’ supervision to nurse leaders on other shifts. The manager, with the collaborative leadership team and education and training, works to provide excellent resident and family centered care on a day-to-day basis.

Leadership Expectations:

Supports and convenes collaborative leadership meetings comprising nursing, social work recreation therapy and medical services to ensure the therapeutic milieu of the care area and implementation of evidence-based care practices.

Promotes therapeutic atmosphere for resident care. Promotes customer-oriented approach for both internal and external customers.

Educates staff to be responsive and attentive to the needs of families, residents and their peers. Promotes quality of care and positive attitude environment for both staff and resident.

*Evaluates staff educational needs. In conjunction with staff education ensures staff needs are met.

*Works with staff educator to provide successful, comprehensive and individualized education.

*Supervises unit staff, evaluates performance, and utilizes audit tools in ongoing evaluations. Identifies areas in need of improvement and assists staff member in successfully improving performance. Refers to staff education as needed.

*Monitors staff adherence to attendance, tardiness, mealtime and break guidelines, quitting time and time card punches. Councils as per facility policy. Refers to EAP as appropriate. Works with staff member to improve attendance or tardiness issues.

*Develops unit budget, unit goals and objectives and measures to monitor unit performance. Reports monthly to Director of Nursing on unit’s progress in meeting goals, quality indicator reports, and monthly budget.

*Holds monthly unit staff meetings on all shifts. Minutes of meetings are sent to Director of Nursing

*Attends and participates in assigned meetings including but not limited to Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement committee staff and supervisory meetings.

*Evaluates and participates in supply and equipment needs of unit.

*Ensures infection control policies and procedures are followed. Reports outbreaks to infection control nurse.

*Instructs staff on new or revised policies, procedures, equipment etc. ensures compliance with new P&P.

*Promotes effective dining experience for residents, monitors mealtime, weights, I&O, meal consumption.

*Reports all instances of suspected abuse or neglect immediately to the Director of Nursing and Administrator. Follows facility policy and procedures for suspected abuse/neglect.

Resident/Patient/Family Centered Care:

*Coordinates resident care assignments, ensures that personnel are assigned responsibilities consistent with their education, experience and ability.

*Makes routine rounds on unit to assess quality of care, safety, as related to areas of responsibility and the appearance of the environment. Assesses resident’s condition on an ongoing basis to determine status, progress, and the need for modified services. Assures timely implementation of services needed in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team.

*Develops and implements residents or designated representative’s advance directives.

*Coordinates admission and discharge planning with the interdisciplinary team.

*Ensures physician notification of resident issues. Takes phone orders and ensures timely implementation of physician orders.

*Ensures clinical update to care area staff via: IDCP, resident care record, shift to shift report, staff meetings.

*Notifies IDC Team of resident’s weight loss, weight gain, not meeting fluid goal, change of resident condition at daily IDC Team report, weekly unit clinical meeting, and 24 hour report.

Reviews medical records for compliance with regulations, standards of practice and care, and appropriateness of information.

*Supports, assists and evaluates charge nurses and team leaders in the management of their duties.

*Ensures that the attending physician/nurse practitioner and responsible family members are promptly notified of changes in resident’s condition. If the attending MD, PA or NP is not available, the Medical Director is notified.

*Reviews and ensures completion of all incident report filed in a timely manner per facility policy.

*All accidents or incidents with a negative outcome, med errors and narcotic discrepancies are reported to the Director of Nursing immediately

*Promotes dining experience for residents, monitors mealtime, residents’ weights, intake, output and meal consumption. Responds to residents like, dislikes etc. at mealtimes.

*Notifies IDCP team of all sentinel events occurring on unit.

*Respects the confidentiality and dignity of all residents, departments and nursing home information.

*Supports a restraint free environment.

*Renders professional care and instructs residents and families as needed.


Education & Experience: Graduate of approved School of Nursing. BSN required and MSN preferred . Non-encumbered valid New York State License. 3-4 years’ experience in Long Term Care. MDS and PRI proficient. 2 years supervisory experience.


Ability to read, analyze and interpret common journals, reports and legal documents.


*Administers personnel policies and procedures to ensure fair and equal treatment to all employees.

*Hires, terminates, evaluates, trains and orients/directs new employees..

Math Skills:

Must be able to apply basic mathematical concepts. Able to apply concepts such as percentages, fractions, ratios and proportions to practical situations.

Reasoning Ability:

Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral diagram or scheduled form. Demonstrates above average critical thinking skills.