Job Purpose: The primary purpose of this job is to perform food preparation duties (cooking, prep cooking, serving, cleaning, etc).

Performance Outcomes:

  • Maintains workstation and equipment.
  • Cooks meals according to the instructions provided.
  • Monitors staff compliance with production, food safety, and sanitation.
  • Supports dietary staff, helping to troubleshoot product or production problems, operational problems, or general food safety concerns.
  • Communicates employee concerns/issues to Director.
  • Produces food products as indemnified on food production records or otherwise instructed.
  • Assists in answering phone prior to/after tray line, for calls down, as well as assists in taking items called down for, to appropriate floors.
  • Effectively utilizes established procedures for meal services, food preparation, sanitation and safety.
  • Works within all County and State food service guidelines regarding production, sanitation, and safety.
  • Maintains quality assurance records.
  • Participates in employee orientation/training programs.
  • Observes proper techniques and service to ensure good cost control.
  • Observes proper techniques of body mechanics in lifting and other physical labor.
  • Monitors cleaning assignments, as well as completion of end of shift assignments.
  • Properly opens and closes kitchen area.
  • Remain flexible and ready to assume other responsibilities as assigned.
  • Assist in all projects, special events, monthly and daily activities.

Performs other duties assigned.


Education & Experience: High School diploma or GED, ServSafe certified, and be able to properly prepare and produce quality food service.


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