The Highlands Lifestyle and The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness True wellness is multi-dimensional and takes a holistic approach.  The Highlands provides a lifestyle like no other by incorporating all seven dimensions of wellness.  And, we're always seeking new ways for members of our community to Enjoy Life.  The beauty of The Highlands campus, daily fine dining, an exclusive and intriguing "UR Always Learning" lecture series, and the year-round calendar of delightful events are just a few signatures of The Highlands way of life.

In 2012, The Highlands Wellness Center opened.  This two-story addition has become the physical hub for wellness activity.

The Wellness Center includes:

  • A state-of-the-art pool for casual swimming, aquatics classes, and lap swimming.  The pool also features an underwater treadmill.
  • A whirlpool
  • A full fitness gym
  • Changing rooms
  • A refreshment bar
  • An auditorium
  • A professional beauty salon

The main dining room was expanded and redecorated as part of this project.  It sits atop the Wellness Center and features small dining rooms which line the perimeter of the grand room.  A semi-circle of windows provides views of the grounds and water features below.

A full-service bar was added, as well.

With The Wellness Center, The Highlands continues its longstanding focus on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, an approach endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging that recognizes that wellness extends beyond exercise and healthy eating.  The Seven Dimensions are: Social, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Environmental, and Spiritual.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness
Seven Dimensions.  One goal.

No one knows social wellness like The Highlands!  From our annual Antique Car Show on the campus streets on a balmy summer night with great food and live music, to the weekly happy hour, trips to the RPO, and much, much more, we keep the calendar jumping with activity.  Browse our Photo Gallery to learn more!


Intellectual Wellness -
Our exclusive "UR Always Learning" Lecture Series, taught by professors and staff members of our affiliate, The University of Rochester, brings world class learning right to your door.  Spend an afternoon hearing stories of Pearl S. Buck's fascinating life or take part in a biology lab.  In addition to the lectures and labs, highly interactive cooking classes are offered throughout the year and are another favorite among Highlands residents.  Be sure to check out the list of Events & Happenings currently going on at The Highlands.


Physical Wellness - BE FIT FOR LIFE
Physical wellness encompasses both Exercise and Nutrition.  Boy, do we have both of these covered.


Exercise: The new Wellness Center opened in 2012.  It is a fitness, health, and beauty haven.  Outdoors, the winding pathways and tree-lined streets of the campus provide residents with the perfect environment for exercising in the fresh air.  Keep your short game sharp on the putting green in the center of campus.  Take a stroll to the Village of Pittsford or the shops at Schoen Place, ride your bike along the Erie Canal.  Workout in Sue's Exercise Class 6 different times per week, try out our Tai Chi class on Saturday mornings with Dr. Annemarie Groth-Juncker, or take an Aquatics Class in the pool.  Exercise options abound year round at The Highlands.


Nutrition: Your dietary wants and needs will not only be met at The Highlands, but we often hear we've exceeded our residents' culinary expectations.  Each and every day, you have the option of eating in the Main Restaurant, having the experience of 'going out to eat' at The Bistro (while never leaving campus), or 'ordering' your meal to be delivered to you in the comfort of your apartment or cottage home.  The menus always provide many choices and are created by our chefs with residents' input.  Oh, and the service is outstanding!


Emotional Wellness -
Whether you're selling your home, moving from out of state to be closer to family, or both, we are here to help you through the transition of moving.  The Friendship Committee will assist you with integrating into day-to-day life.  They are there for you as much or as little as you'd like them to be.


Occupational Wellness -
Occupational wellness fulfills our inherent desire to contribute something and make a positive impact on an organization and/or society.  For those who have a skill they love to perform or a talent to share with others, The Highlands welcomes the opportunity to assist you in doing so.


Environmental Wellness -  ONE WITH NATURE
We're happiest when we live in harmony with our environment - giving some to cultivate the beauty around us and taking in the sites of Mother Nature's astounding creations.  The Highlands campus provides magnificent views from your home and the perfect setting for walking or biking.  The home environment is also very important to well being.  We are happy to assist with the tailoring of your living space to your liking.


Spiritual Wellness - PEACE AND HARMONY
It is a priority for us at The Highlands to support your connection with your faith practice in any way that we can.  We do this by offering services for some denominations on-site and providing transportation to local places of worship.  Our Chaplain is also available to meet with you individually or join him on Fridays for an Interfaith Service or Tuesdays for Bible Study.

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